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A similar series of instructional books with CD examples for Berklee Press are now being used in songwriting curriculums internationally, from Australia to Greece.

Testomonials about The Songwriter’s Workshop: Harmony book -

“The tools in this book are essential to any tunesmith and should be studied in great detail. This book will shine a new light on those who aspire to write great songs. Raw talent, tenacity, and a strong belief in yourself can only be strengthened byt he lessons taught here.”
- Robert Less Castleman, Grammy Award winning songwriter for Alison Krauss, Alan Jackson, former student.

"This simple, staright forward, and extremely helpful book explains and anyzes hamony, a musicl topic that is anything but simple and straight-forward. Once again, Jimmy Kachulis has provided songwriter of all levels with effective and productive tools to express themselves.”
- Phil Galdston, Grammy Ward winning songwriter for Celine Dion, Vanessa Williams, Brandy, Beyonce, Aaron, Neville, Tom Jones.

“As always, Jimmy Kachulis makes songwriting accessible to musicinas of all skill levels. His excavation of harmony leaves no chord unturned, providing all the tools necessary to nudge mediocrity into greatness. Every musician needs this book.”
- Andrea Stolpe, multi-platinum songwriter for Faith Hill, Almo Irving, former student

“The Songwriter’s Workshop: Harmony is a supernove in a universe of penlights. Through simple and inspiring techniques, Jimmy Kachulis teaches both the tinkering songster and seasoned artisan how to revolutionize their songwriting.”
- Shane Adams, Producer, CEO Songwriter Records

Testomonials about The Songwriter’s Workshop: Melody book -

“The Songwriter’s Workshop offers songwriters of any level the tools to turns their desire into something real: a compelling, emotional, melodic song.”
- Phil Galdston – Grammy Award winning songwriter of “Save the Best For Last”

“At last! A user-friendly and practical songwriting course that stimulates natural creativity without intimidating the untrained musician. Jimmy Kachulis has put the cookies down on the bottom shelf where us kids can reach them.”
- Mary Dawson – President, CQK Music, National Radio Talk Show Host

“The comprehensive guide to songwriting makes the art accessible to everyone who ever wanted to compose. From the budding creative souls to professional artists and the staff songwriters, Jimmy Kachulis’ techniques break down the craft into time-proven formulas for hit writing.”
- Andrea Stolpe, multi-platinum songwriter for Faith Hill, Almo Irving, former student

“Jimmy’s songwriting classes have always been among the most popular songwriting classes at the Berklee College of Music and it’s easy to see why. Not only is he a wonderful teacher – his technique work! The songwriting tool I learned from Jimmy have helped me tremendously in my songwriting. Reading this book is like getting the best songwriting advice from a trusted mentor and friend. All the secrets of writing great melodies are in here.”
- Corrine May, Winner of Kerrville New Folk Award

In addition, he has published articles in national songwriting magazines Words and Music - National songwriting magazine - articles, e.g.,
“Building a Good Melody”
“Writing With Chord Progressions”
and American Songwriter.