Composer, Orchestrator - Classical Music

In the genre of Western European classical music, Jimmy is active as a composer, orchestrator, and performer, creating and exciting mix of Classical and World Musics. These new compositions have already won competitions and received international performances.


  • Brazilian Bass Baio – Winner Composition Competition - International Society of Bassists

  • Bulgarian Scherzo from Balkan Sonata, iii - Winner Composition Competition – Otterbein Contemporary Music Festival “Old Links to New Music”

  • Brazilian Suite - Nanae Mimaura - SONY Classical recording artist - Japan concerts

  • Sonata for Solo Flute – WGBH in Israel, Europe and USA - Flutist N’ama Lion
  • Balkan Sonata - solo violin (solo string) Katy Gillian, USA

  • Brazilian Sonata - flute and piano – Wendy Rolfe – USA, Brazil

  • Boston Ballet – Composer/Choreographer Collaborative Project - finalist

  • Balkan Sonata, iii – Bulgarian Scherzo – Winner - Otterbein Contemporary Music Festival “Old Links to New Music”

    The third movement of the Balkan Sonata for Solo String Instrument uses the scales and rhythms of Bulgarian folk music in the form and texture of the Bach Sonatas and Partitas.

    • Balkan Sonata iii
    • Brazilian Sonata, i

    The Brazilian Sonata for Solo Wind and Piano combines elements from Brazilian folk music with elements of modern Jazz. The first movement uses the harmonic structure of John Coltrane’s famous Giant Steps for the basis of a Brazilian Choros.

    • Brazilian Sonata i
    • Fanfare and African Motet - for Large Brass Ensemble and African Percussion

    To honor President Emeritus Lee Berk’s retirement from the Berklee College of Music, Jimmy composed and Fanfare and African Motet, using a cantus based on the College motto Esse Quam Videri, combining African and Early music elements.

    • Fanfare and African Motet - for Large Brass Ensemble and African Percussion


After arranging jazz tunes for noted Tubaist Sam Pilafian jass trio Threeba, Jimmy transcribed and orchestrated a complete program of Medeival and Renassance pieces for the Columbia Artists’ Empire Brass Quintet (the Brass Section of the Boston Symphony Orchestra) to perform at the Cloisters Museum in NYC.

  • Praetorious – Volte – original variations for Brass Quintet

    Jimmy’s variations on a Volte by the Renassance composer Praetorious are in the sixteenth century style.

    • Praetorious – Volte (Listen)


While pursuing his other interests, Jimmy also sang Medeival and Renaissance music with well known choral groups directed by some of the top early music conductors:

  • Collegium Musicum – dir. Richard Taruskin
  • Pomerium Musices – dir. Alexander Blachly
  • Schola Antigua – dir. R. John Blackley