Curriculum/Course Developer

In response to students’ interests and needs, Jimmy creates courses in both the Songwriting and World Music areas for a number of institutions including:

Berklee College of Music

  • HM 101 - Music of the World
  • LHAN 345 - Music and Culture of Africa, Latin and South America
  • LHAN 346 - Music and Culture of India, the Far East and Eastern Europe
  • PS 209 - African Drum and Dance Ensemble
  • ENLB 246 - World Music Ensemble
  • SW 111 - Essentials of Songwriting
  • SW 129 - Singer/Songwriter Workshop

Emerson College

  • Perspectives in World Music and Culture

The Boston Conservatory

  • World Music Survey

Tufts University

  • Small Jazz Ensemble

National Guitar Workshop

  • Songwriting, Rock Guitar, Jazz Guitar

Brookline Adult Education

  • Introduction to Western Philoshophy
  • Introduction to Eastern Philosophy


Jimmy has created primary school curricula for music courses he taught in guitar, chorus, Salsa Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Music Theory, Ear Training and Music Appreciation. He also created Adult Education courses.

He is available for Curriculum Development in all of the above areas.

In the area of education, he has been awarded the following:

  • Faculty Development Grants – Composition, Indian music, African music, Indonesian music
  • Berklee College Merit Awards – for exemplary teaching performance

He uses the following computer software: Digital Performer, Sibelius, Microsoft Word, Claris Works, Master Tracks Pro, Encore, Mosaic.