Professor Berklee College of Music – Songwriting and World Music/Culture

Jimmy teaches Songwriting, Lyricwriting and World Music at The Berklee College of Music, conducts clinics nationwide, and has helped thousands of songwriters develop and maximize their skills. Berklee’s new online school,, features three of his online courses in it’s Songwriter’s Workshop Series: Melody, Harmony and Writing Hit Songs. He has written three books in The Songwriter’s Workshop Series: Melody, Harmony and The Pocket Songwriter. Both the books and the courses are among the most successful at Berklee Press and Berklee Media, enriching the skills of writers worldwide.

Look through the bios of some of today's best songwriters, and his name comes up again and again; his students' works have earned Grammy awards, and been recorded by a vast range of artists on major and independent labels. Many former students are staff writers in Nashville and LA, others are well known recording artists.

As a professional educator, he creates on campus courses, materials, articles, reviews, and scholarly publications in the areas or Songwriting and World Music for all levels of learners.

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