Scholar/Author – Research, Papers presented, Articles, Reviews

Following a personal interest in music of other cultures and their cultural context, Jimmy studies, researches and publishes scholarly materials. These included:

  • Studies in Ewe Music - Master’s Thesis Tufts University - currently on file at Center for African Studies in Ghana, Brown University, and Tufts University. Chapters excerpted for ethnomusicology graduate student instruction at Brown University
  • “Ewe Vocal Polyphony” - International Society for Ethnomusicology
  • “Ewe Bell Improvisation”- Society for Ethnomusicology Northeast Chapter
  • "A Theory of Ewe Harmony" - Society for Ethnomusicology Northeast Chapter
  • Kpegisu - A War Drum of the Ewe People by David Locke - co-authored Chapter on vocal harmony and variation techniques
  • Rhythm Music Magazine - Internationally distributed world music magazine - articles and CD reviews.
  • Boston Globe - Interview with Fernando Gonzalez on World Music and culture in the future of higher education

In addition, he has privately studied various World Musics with experts in each tradition, including:

  • Ewe drumming, dancing and singing - Godwin Agbeli
  • Salsa arranging - Carlos Campos
  • North Indian Hindustani melodic, rhythmic and improvisational concepts - Warren Senders
  • North Indian Hindustani instrumental technique - sarodist George Ruckert (MIT)
  • Indonesian Gamelan Music (Javanese and Balinese) - at NEC Intercultural Institute